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Hi! I’m Heath.

I’m a TV/video producer and director, a podcaster, and a writer.

I spent 15 years working for the legendary PBS shows This Old House and Ask This Old House. I traveled to all 50 states with that job, was nominated for 10 Emmy awards (winning twice), and got to hang out in some amazing workshops all around the world (including Nick Offerman’s famed one in Los Angeles).

When the pandemic struck, I was suddenly without a job and without a creative outlet. Like many people, I started a podcast (mine was about how the pandemic affected the entertainment and media industries). I also began writing.

This newsletter began life as an extension of my podcast (and was known as Quarantine Creatives). It has recently changed names to Willoughby Hills. I write about our evolving relationship to community, the natural world, our built environments, nostalgia, our health, and the food we grow and eat.

On Sundays, I publish a longer form piece about a single topic.

Every Wednesday, I publish Wednesday Walks, which are the type of conversation we might have walking down a path in the woods. The topics are free flowing, sometimes related, sometimes not, with links to let you do some further reading, watching, listening, or exploring.

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Today's newsletter explores where and how we've worked over the last two years, and what it means for houses, neighborhoods, and lifestyles. Inspired by tweets, writing, & ideas from @mkarolian, @audrawilliams, @TaylorLorenz, @ad_mastro, & @ScottCarty. https://t.co/CsPz4BanZF

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Musings on our ever evolving relationships to work, home, community, culture, food, the environment, and more.


Heath Racela
I make lots of things: food, wood stuff, TV shows, podcasts... Used to make Ask This Old House. Won some Emmys. I write and podcast about home, history, urbanism, retail, self-sufficiency, where food comes from, and more.