Cooking with Invasive Weeds (Member Video Post)

It can kill you. It doesn't play nicely with other plants. But it's surprisingly tasty...

In today’s member only video post, I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned about the invasive weed garlic mustard. It can crowd out native plants and take over landscapes, but did you know that it’s also edible and actually quite tasty?!

In this video, I help you identify what garlic mustard is, show how to properly pull it from your yard, and the step by step process of turning these leaves into a delicious spring pesto.

For the uninitiated, garlic mustard can be intimidating, and with good reason. It should only be foraged from an area that is known to be free from pesticides and herbicides. The mature plant can also contain cyanide, so only young plants should be used for edible purposes.

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Heath Racela