ANNOUNCEMENT: Exciting Changes to Willoughby Hills

The neighborhood is expanding...


Hi all! It’s a rare Friday message from me because I have some announcements that felt like they didn't really fit in the context of a regular message. To make this even more special, it’s my first time doing a video post!

I alluded to this in this week’s Wednesday Walk, but there are some exciting changes coming to Willoughby Hills!

Here’s the quick version if you don't want to watch the full video right now:

  • Beginning next week, I’ll be launching the Willoughby Hills podcast! It will be similar to Quarantine Creatives, but with a broader range of guests beyond just media and entertainment figures.

  • My first guest is Alexandra Lange, who wrote the amazing book Meet Me By the Fountain about the history of shopping malls. The first episode will be publicly available on March 16 and will be in the same feed as Quarantine Creatives. If you haven’t already, please follow that podcast.

  • Willoughby Hills will also now offers a membership program. The goal is to allow free access to as much content as possible, while also offering something worthwhile to those who want a deeper relationship with my content.

  • The benefits of membership include:

    • Early access to new episodes of the podcast (members will have access to the first show on March 13)

    • Access to the full podcast archive of nearly 100 episodes

    • Occasional subscriber-only posts and videos

  • As a THANK YOU for those of you that have supported me over the last three years, I’m offering a special discount of 20% off memberships for anyone that joins before March 25. This discount is good for the lifetime of your subscription, so there’s a big benefit to getting in on the ground floor!

To see the options for upgrading your subscription, click here:

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation with all of you and deepening our relationship around topics like urbanism, history, nostalgia, food, and much more!

What would you like to see in this next chapter of Willoughby Hills? Who would you most like to hear me interview or which past podcast guest would you like to hear from again? If you’re becoming a member, please share the reason why. Leave me your comments below!

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