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105. Travel Host Jeff Jenkins on Making Travel Inclusive

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Welcome to another episode of the Willoughby Hills podcast!

Jeff Jenkins is a travel blogger and influencer who founded Chubby Diaries after he noticed that there was a lack of content catering to plus size travelers. He has spent six years traveling the world now looking at ways to make travel more inclusive for all people.

His new show Never Say Never premiered on Nat Geo this month and is now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu. On the show, Jeff pushes himself outside of his comfort zone, partaking in extreme activities around the globe and connecting with local cultures and customs. The show is fast paced and inspires travelers of all abilities to get out and see the world.

Jeff wasn’t always a world traveler. He grew up in Orlando and didn’t get on a plane until he was 20 years old. We spoke about the influence of the Disney theme parks and international visitors to Florida had on his perception of travel, what made him catch the travel bug, and some of the small things that hotels and tour operators can do to make travel more inclusive.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and will check out Never Say Never on NatGeo, Hulu, or Disney+!

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