Mar 27 • 47M

97. Architect Sarah Susanka on Living a 'Not So Big Life'

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Heath Racela
Quarantine Creatives is now Willoughby Hills. Join TV producer/director Heath Racela as he chats with interesting guests with unique perspectives on our ever evolving relationships to work, home, community, culture, food, the environment, and more.
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Architect Sarah Susanka is the author of the Not So Big House series of books, which advocate for building smaller homes of a higher quality, rather than focusing solely on square footage. She joins Heath to discuss 25 years since the publication of her first book, the parallels between a Not So Big House and the New Urbanist movement, and her own architectural influences.

Sarah also discusses her book The Not So Big Life, which uses her architectural principles as a lens for understanding our own behavioral patterns with the goal of improving time and stress management.