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The Toys R Us I consider mine ( which I think is the second of two locations that were in Greensboro), had that large book section, with the books, in the 90s, while down the street from my beloved Borders and a mall with a Waldenbooks.

Also, I felt like the store was a winner when I was little, if the shelves were tall and full of toys almost to the ceiling. I hated the renovations that made the shelves shorter, especially the elimination of the board game wall and the discount section at the beginning.

But as you said, these were warehouses, full of stuff and they had those of us who were in the “Toys R Us kids” demographic in a trance of never wanting to grow up, I guess so we could forever spend money there tugging on our parents heels.

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You had me at Toys "R" Us! Nice report!

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