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I wish there was some sort of system for the produce we buy at the grocery store that says it was grown and harvested in humane conditions where employees are paid fairly. Our agricultural system is very out of whack with Big Ag (meat and dairy) receiving huge government subsidies while fruits and vegetables do not. I recently made a donation to the Labor Food Bank for Farm Workers in CA since they don´t even make enough to feed their own families after working long grueling days in the fields. The system is corrupt and so frustrating knowing that I am contributing by buying "healthy" foods at the grocery store!

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Thank you for your comments, Karen! I agree, it is nearly impossible to ascertain the labor and environmental practices of foods in the grocery store. Some labels like "organic" have legal requirements for display, while others like "natural" have no fixed meaning, making it harder.

If you have access to a local farm or farmers market, I would start there. Your local farmers can share their growing practices, labor practices, etc with you. Spending time on the farm can give you a sense of the farmer's values too. It can be more expensive and less convenient than the grocery store, but it's more nutritious for your body and helps build community in your neighborhood, which may be worth the trade off.

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