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116. Author Patric Richardson on Sustainable Cleaning and Vintage Decor

116. Author Patric Richardson on Sustainable Cleaning and Vintage Decor


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Welcome to another episode of the Willoughby Hills podcast!

Patric Richardson (photo by Darin Kamnetz)

It’s a rare treat to welcome a guest back to the show for a second time, but that’s exactly what’s happening today. My guest is Patric Richardson, also known as the Laundry Evangelist or The Laundry Guy.

Patric first visited the podcast in 2021 when his first book Laundry Love was released and his series The Laundry Guy premiered on Discovery+. Before meeting Patric, I was skeptical that I needed much advice in doing laundry. But after speaking with him and reading his first book, I was amazed by the simplicity of his methods and forever changed how I approached a simple chore. Patric’s focus was on naturally derived cleaners over harsh detergents and using time honored techniques for fabric care.

Patric’s latest book House Love was just released, and it brings the simple wisdom that he shared in Laundry Love to other rooms of the house. The new book contains advice and ideas, such as using vinegar and water as a cleaner instead of several bottles of chemicals and relying on natural tools like wool and feathers for cleaning. The book also helps timid homeowners and renters embrace using vintage items for decorating their homes, a concept near and dear to my heart as I have started embracing thrifting.

Patric and I had a great conversation about cleaning and decorating homes, but we also discussed the importance of sustainability. Patric is very thoughtful about not only the chemicals we use in our homes, but how those chemicals impact our bodies and the soil and water around us once they leave our home.

If you’re looking for ways to be lighter on the planet and still have a clean and enjoyable home, please check out Patric’s book House Love.

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